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Workout Wednesday: 12/30/2015

Kristi Youngdahl

When in doubt, work it out!  This pyramid style Inspired Fitness workout is all about the reps. You’re starting with the most and working down to the least. It’s all sorts of effective.  That’s how we roll! So grab this one and give it your all!  Speed is NOT the focus, your form and really putting your all into every move is. Own your power and put it into this workout!!!


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Workout Wednesday: 12/23/2015

Kristi Youngdahl
Awesome Abs WOW

Inspired Fitness Awesome Abs Workout

There’s a phrase commonly used in the fitness world that goes something like this…Abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym.  Say whaaat? There’s no denying that abdominal exercises are absolutely necessary and recommended to incorporate into your workout regimen.  However, the hard work truly is done in the kitchen.  You are what you eat!  So reach for the veggies, lean cuts of protein, fruits, healthy carbs & fats over the sugar-loaded, processed foods.

Pair that work in the kitchen WITH your hard work in the gym and you’ve found the magic secret.  And because we’re all about effectiveness, here’s a super awesome Inspired Fitness ab workout for you to plan into your next session.  Go get that 6-pack!


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Workout Wednesday: 12/16/2015

Kristi Youngdahl
Inspired Cardio Blast Workout

Cardio Blast Inspired Fitness Workout.

Put down the Christmas treats and crank out this Cardio Blast workout!  It’s intense, but you’re strong & capable of anything you set your mind to!  This Inspired Fitness workout is designed to push you.  Yep, we do that on purpose.  You’re welcome.  So get going now…and earn that next Christmas goodie by doing this workout!


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November Challenge Winner

Kristi Youngdahl


areyounextIf you want something different in your life, then you have to DO something different. Taking the first step is always the hardest, but it’s where we must begin. This November 30-Day Challenge Winner recognized that she was ready to take her first step. And it’s of no surprise that she’s experiencing some pretty awesome side affects as result of saying “YES”. It’s an honor to share Michelle’s story with all of you.

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Workout Wednesday: 12/09/2015

Kristi Youngdahl
Inspired Fitness Full-Bocy Workout

Functional full-body Inspired Fitness Workout.

Sculpt and tone with this Inspired Fitness workout!  Your core will be engaged during this entire routine. Be sure to practice proper form and keep those buns tight! This style of workout is not for speed – concentrate on every movement and feel your muscles contract. Slow & controlled! It’s important to remember that it takes consistency to see changes happening. Allow yourself to take breaks if you need to.  But remember your goals – you got this!!!


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Tips For A Healthy Holiday

Kristi Youngdahl


The hustle and bustle of the holidays is here! This is a magical, wonderful time.  It’s so easy to over-indulge this time of year.  Instead of dreading those parties, use them  as a REASON to stay on track!

Here are some sensible tips for holiday eating.  Learn now to stay the course anywhere there are holiday goodies – at home, work or a festive gathering.




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Workout Wednesday: 12/2/2015

Kristi Youngdahl
Inspired Fitness HIIT Workout

15-minute Inspired Fitness HIIT Workout

Are you looking for a workout?  How about one that doesn’t require a gym membership?  If you answered YES and YES, then this Inspired Fitness is a perfect match!  This routine is great for muscle building and also incorporates cardio at the same time – a double bonus!


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Workout Wednesday: 11/25/2015

Kristi Youngdahl
Awesome Abs WOW

Inspired Fitness Awesome Abs Workout

Don’t let the title of this Inspired Fitness workout fool you. Yes, it’s focused on abdominals, but don’t you worry your pretty little heart you’ll also be engaging more muscle groups.  Ahem…you’re welcome :-).


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Workout Wednesday: 11/18/15

Kristi Youngdahl

Cardio does not ALWAYS have to be in the form of running or using a fancy machine!  We’ve got a 20-minute session that you can do anywhere and there’s no equipment needed.  Make sure that you are going ALL OUT in each of these 1-minute blasts.  Take short breaks as needed, but really challenge yourself.  Carrying on a conversation during this Inspired Fitness workout should be difficult – that’s the goal!!!  It’s a more intense style, but trying new styles and shaking things up is ALWAYS a good idea.  Get that heart rate up, the music pumping and your muscles will be poppin!


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Workout Wednesday: 11/11/15

Kristi Youngdahl

From head to toe, your entire body will be feeling this Inspired Fitness workout!  Your form while doing each of these circuits is critical. This isn’t a race to the finish type of routine.  Really focus on feeling every muscle that is being engaged with the exercises. On the last circuit, REALLY push yourself to do as many as you absolutely can crank out!  The goal is to do those Walkout Push-Ups and Suitcases to failure – meaning, there should be nothing left in you to complete another one.   You can do it!


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