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Guest Blogging for Tosca Reno and a Reminder I Needed

Posted on by Kristi Youngdahl


Last week, I was offered the opportunity to guest blog once again for one of my personal heroes, Tosca Reno. (Read my last post on Tosca’s blog.) When I got word that my assignment was to write about beating STRESS, I could only think, “Okay, God…I get it!”

Over the past few weeks, I had begun to feel more stressed and less focused. And it was weighing on me. So I sat back in my favorite office chair (aka the gigantic, comfy chair at my local coffee shop) and let gratitude wash over me. I got to spend some time re-focusing on the foundational elements of peace, health, and happiness —  and then practicing each of the 10 stress reducers I wrote about. What a relief to find balance again. And the bonus is that I get to share these tips with you and all of Tosca’s readers, too!

We all have what it takes to live a stress-free life, but it’s easy to get distracted and move our basic needs to the bottom of the list. Feeling out of balance and stressed out is a reminder to get back to those basics. It takes conscious effort to stay stress-free when we’re all living such busy lives.

When you’re feeling stressed, don’t beat yourself up. Everyone is allowed to have bad days. Even happy, positive people have stressful days just like anyone else, yours truly included. But the reason happy people are able to stay calm through the storm is because we know that negative circumstances are temporary. Happiness, on the other hand, is not. Happiness isn’t a temporary state of mind — it’s a lifestyle that you practice every day. Happy people don’t experience less stress, rejection, or failure, they simply use it to fuel them forward rather than letting it drag them down.

I hope you get a stress-reducing jump-start from reading my guest post on Tosca Reno’s blog, like I did writing it. You can use those 10 strategies whenever stress comes knocking at your door, and you’re sure to feel more balanced. And if you need a little motivation to stay focused on your basic need for good food and a good sweat, join my 30-Day Pre-Resolution Challenge to get healthy, lose weight, and maybe even win a little Christmas cash too.

Don’t just survive your life. Enjoy it. You deserve peace and joy, and it’s yours for the taking!

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