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Kristi Youngdahl in Oxygen’s Off The Couch! Collector’s Issue

Posted on by Kristi Youngdahl

Back in July 2011, I had no idea how my life would be impacted after Oxygen Magazine published my Success Story.

Kristi Youngdahl Oxygen July 2011 Future of Fitness

As I dug through my “before” photos to submit to Oxygen, my heart sank. Not because of how my body looked, but because of what I saw when I looked into my eyes in those photos. I remembered the emptiness, the sadness…the feeling of breathing, but not truly living. My heart hurt for the person in the photos, the old me. In that moment, I knew I was doing the right thing by sharing my story. I knew if If I could help just one person, just give one woman hope, every moment of struggle and heartache was worth it.

The response from readers was greater than I could have ever imagined. I quickly realized the power of my story and the difference I could make.  I knew I lived those difficult years for a greater purpose and I was ready to continue my mission of helping others. To be inspired is amazing–to inspire others is life changing.

This spring, my friend Lori and I planned a weekend away to attend the Arnold Show. It was there that I finally had an opportunity to thank everyone at Oxygen, in person, for sharing my story. I also met Tosca Reno and shared my success and thanked her for being my hero and beacon of light.

What I thought was just a girls’ weekend away ended up starting another chapter of my life.

Oxygen invited me to work with them, and Tosca asked me to guest blog for her. It was surreal. I cried, I smiled, and I asked Lori to pinch me. I was excited to reach out and help more women, and it was an honor to do it through the person and the magazine that were so instrumental in my journey.

Kristi Youngdahl Oxygen Magazine Off The Couch


I vowed to never take this opportunity for granted. I embraced every minute, I focused on being genuine, and proud of where I had come from. I talked about it with my children and they share in the excitement. I want them to understand the power of a story, the joy that comes with helping others, and the importance of making healthy living a priority. Seeing their eyes when we read the magazine and when they found their faces in it was priceless.


Kristi Youngdahl Oxygen Magazine Off The Couch 2


My feature in Oxygen’s Off The Couch! Fall 2012 special issue genuinely captured “me.” I am beyond grateful for the work and talent that went into my spread. My experience with the Oxygen staff and photographer Paul Buceta was outstanding. The kindness, patience, and energy from everyone was amazing. I couldn’t have asked for a greater experience. When you have a team of people who share a divine purpose to help others, beautiful things happen. I’m honored to be a part of that.
The special Off The Couch! issue is on stands now. Pick up your copy to see the rest of the spread and try the boot camp workout! And if you’re ready to start your own transformation or take it to the next level, I would be honored to join you on your journey as your online personal trainer.

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Kristi Youngdahl Oxygen Magazine Off The Couch Table of Contents


I look forward to continuing to share my story and, through my online training program, helping others live the life they deserve—a life full of health, self-love and purpose.


Kristi Youngdahl Oxygen Magazine Off The Couch


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  1. Dennis Gill says:

    Awesome job Kristi! You are an amazing woman, and an inspiration to us all. I feel so fortunate to have gotten the privilege to meet and get to know you this past weekend. God bless you and your family!

    Dennis Gill

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