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November Challenge Winner

Posted on by Kristi Youngdahl


areyounextIf you want something different in your life, then you have to DO something different. Taking the first step is always the hardest, but it’s where we must begin. This November 30-Day Challenge Winner recognized that she was ready to take her first step. And it’s of no surprise that she’s experiencing some pretty awesome side affects as result of saying “YES”. It’s an honor to share Michelle’s story with all of you.

Words From Michelle

“I’m a stay-at-home mom of 4. I have been active throughout my life, but with the addition of each child I started to put on a few extra pounds. I tried eating healthier and working out more but nothing seemed to work. I would lose a few pounds and then stay the same no matter how any miles I ran or how healthy I ate. I felt discouraged because I really wanted to look and feel better. So, I decided to try the Isagenix 30-day System as a last resort. I thought if this doesn’t work then maybe I just can’t reach my goals. I am an all or nothing kind of gal, so I jumped in with both feet and stuck to the system 100%. My coach, Christie, taught me about clean eating and how to incorporate it into my everyday. I was surprised that after just 2 days in that I had more energy and less stress. In the first week I lost inches and I was excited and hopeful! As the days went on I continued to shed pounds and inches. I started to feel so much more confident and healthy!!! As cheesy as it may sound, Isagenix has truly changed my life. It has helped me to create a lifestyle that I have easily implemented into my life. Before taking this challenge I used to start my day with a latte and be full enough that I wouldn’t eat breakfast. I found myself starving and didn’t always make a healthy choice and that would leave me with low blood sugar and low energy. Now I start my day with Ionix and either a shake or clean breakfast. I eat every 2 hours and am NEVER in that starving mode so it is easy to make a healthy choice! My favorite snack is 1/2 of an IsaLean bar when I have to grab and go. I am amazed at how I look and feel and just 30-days. I am so grateful that I have found Isagenix!
Start Your Transformation 

Michelle’s willingness to step out in extreme faith on this journey, trust the process & be completely vulnerable is so very inspiring.

Your transformation is waiting! Join the Inspired Fitness 30-Day Challenge today and experience what it is all about. A journey begins with one step and I can’t wait for yours to begin.

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