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online fitness

Think you need a gym membership or a treadmill to get in shape? Not any more! With our online fitness program, you can sculpt the healthy, fit body you’ve always wanted at home, without buying expensive equipment.

workout videos

Kristi demonstrates each exercise from her own living room with tips to prevent injury and maximize your workout. Feeling adventurous? Build your own routine using our video library.

fitness guide

Become fitness savvy with our easy-to-use exercise guide, fitness glossary, and muscle diagrams. Simple explanations and illustrations help you understand your body and your workouts so you can get toned in all the right places.


Your personal food and fitness journal is the key to staying committed and achieving your goals. Trainer check-ins keep you accountable, and one-on-one support motivates you, helping you lose weight at home faster than you ever could alone. Think of it as your built-in buddy system.


All your burning questions about women’s fitness, clean eating, strength training, positive living, and Kristi herself are asked and answered here, where you interact with your trainer and other Inspired Fitness members. Consider it the Inspired Fitness locker room.


Dieting is overwhelming and miserable. But eating sure is fun! That’s why our nutrition program focuses on simple, clean eating—meals that taste as good as they are for your body.

  • Introduction to Clean Eating
  • Grocery Shopping Guide
  • Clean Eating Grocery List
  • 7-Day Sample Meal Plan


$19.99 One-Time


  • Time Saving Tips for Clean Eating
  • Clean Ways to Satisfy Cravings
  • 30-Day Meal Plan
  • Kristi’s Clean Eating Coaching


$29.99 Monthly [br]

  • Muscle and Exercise Glossary
  • 3 Unique Workouts Every Month
  • Personal Food and Fitness Journal
  • Clean Eating Fundamentals


$49.99 Monthly [br]

  • 30-minute Phone Consult
  • Access the Workout Video Library
  • Food and Fitness Coaching
  • Members-Only Forum


$59.99 Monthly [br]