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September Challenge Winner

Posted on by Kristi Youngdahl


areyounextThe power of what’s possible in 30-days is amazing. This transformation is nothing short of that. It’s an honor to share Kristy’s story with all of you.

Deep down, there was a burning desire for Kristy to tap into her full potential. And that’s exactly what she did! Kristy’s transformation unfolded beautifully from the inside out.

Words From Kristy

“I have never participated in a challenge like this before & don’t typically jump 2-feet in. I dabbled back in June with the products and loved them and really wanted to give them a try for 30-days. I never thought I could do something like this and completely proved myself wrong! This experience has taught me a lot and I have grown physically and mentally as a result of committing to this Challenge. Mentally, I have seen myself transform in my motivation, perseverance, patience, dedication and willpower. Physically, I feel so incredibly GOOD. I am giving my body the nutrition it needs! My clothes fit better, I feel lighter, less bloated and refreshed! In just 30-days, I lost 9.2 pounds, 14.2 inches and my BMI went down by 1.69! I also incorporated regular strength and cardio training this past month and am amazed at how good I feel by giving my body what it needs. I’m learning that it truly isn’t about a destination, it’s about the journey – not just reaching an end goal, but a lifestyle change. Yeah, there were ups and downs, but I choose to focus on my health, personal journey and the positive impact that taking care of myself has on my body. And to me, that’s all that matters.”

Start Your Transformation 

Kristy’s dialed in focus on living your best life is evident.  It’s so inspiring to see her discovery of truth, strength and desire WITHIN.

Your transformation is waiting! Join the Inspired Fitness 30-Day Challenge today and experience what it is all about.  A journey begins with one step and I can’t wait for yours to begin.

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