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This Year, Weight Loss is Just the Beginning

Posted on by Kristi Youngdahl


Do you feel strong, confident, and sexy ringing in the New Year?

Happy New Year 2013

I hope you do, because you deserve to! But maybe you’re still battling excess weight, still feeling self-conscious, and still listening to that nagging inner voice that puts you down. If that sounds familiar, I’ve got great news: It ends with 2012.

You were made to thrive! Not only are you worthy of all the love, self-acceptance, and happiness you envy in others, you are fully capable of creating that kind of life for yourself. 

My passion–my life’s mission–is to help women just like you embrace strength, grow in confidence, and rediscover the inner light that has always been there, just waiting for a chance to shine through.

I hope you’ll make this year different than all the rest. Forget that same old weight loss resolution. You know chasing a number on the scale only brings you back to the same place again next year. Instead, make 2013 the Year of Health, the Year of Happiness, the Year of You!

If you’re not feeling fulfilled, if you’re not living a vibrant, healthy life, you’re not living up to your potential. I want to help you jump back in the driver’s seat of your life by showing you how to use food, fitness, gratitude and positivity to radically transform your body and soul. I promise you, you’ll get so much more than weight loss.

Are you in? Then join my 90-Day New Year New You Transformation Contest by January 15th, and let’s tackle 2013 together.

Have a happy, healthy, peaceful New Year!

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