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Workout Wednesday: 12/30/2015

Posted on by Kristi Youngdahl

When in doubt, work it out!  This pyramid style Inspired Fitness workout is all about the reps. You’re starting with the most and working down to the least. It’s all sorts of effective.  That’s how we roll! So grab this one and give it your all!  Speed is NOT the focus, your form and really putting your all into every move is. Own your power and put it into this workout!!!


Workout Instructions

Complete the entire group all the way through. Be sure to warm up before you begin, and watch the video demonstrations to learn proper form and technique. Muscle soreness that lasts a few days is normal and can be expected. Consider it a reminder of what you’ve accomplished! A few minutes of gentle stretching after your workout will help to reduce soreness.

If you find this set too challenging, start by doing only one round; make it your goal to eventually finish the entire workout. But don’t let yourself off too easily!

Group 1

Jumping Jacks | 100 reps

Mountain Climbers | 90 reps

Plank Hold | 80 seconds

Squat Jacks | 70 reps

Heel Taps | 60 reps

Speed Skaters | 50 reps

Plank Jacks | 40 reps

Crunch with Clap | 30 reps

Tricep Dips | 20 reps

Elevated Push-Ups | 10 reps


Rest briefly before finishing for the day.


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